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Natural Environment
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The Location and the Transportation
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Located in xinzheng city in central China's henan province, is under the provincial capital, zhengzh
ou, traffic superior location in the provincial capital, zhengzhou, the ancient capital of kaifeng, luoyang, the heart of the central plain urban cluster, in recent years, along with the country the transpo
rtation infrastructure investment, the strengthening to xinzheng city by scientific development view and his princes, and hold the transportation develo
pment this center, grasp the nettle, work hard, make the highway construction by leaps and bounds, road transport growing prosperity, traffic reform breakthrough...MORE>>
Educational Undertaking
     It is commended highly that the strengthened and developed work of popularizing nine-year compulsory education and the remarkable effect of averagely developing by leaders of the Ministry of Education, Henan province and Zhengzhou city.
     The achievement of the senior high school education is splendid. Moreover, the accomplishment of university entrance examination has won the first place among the six counties or cities attached to Zhengzhou for 15 consecutive years . Even the  ...MORE>>
     【 The geological features 】 in the national natural geographical distribution in xinzheng city in a second order platform front, QinLingWei east end to structure, geological division of tectonic units in henan province, cross two geological structure basic unit. The western belongs to a long song vessel, bedrock bare, constitute the mountain west, hills geological basis; The eastern north China of faulted reservoir belongs to the hui convex, the fourth is loose debris that cover the bedrock on, constitute the eastern plain geological basis. And geological structures corresponding to the foundation, in xinzheng city henan province in the morphological pattern, in the western mountainous eastern plain to the transition zone. Relief west and lower in the east, central high, low north and south. Physiognomy types have mountain, hills, GangDe and plain, etc. Mountain and hill concentration distribution in the southwest and the west, the east of songshan mountains of edge, mainly by the Xing mountain, a mountain, mount tai's, meishan, ShanBao the zhangshan etc of hills. Except the mountain peak wind with watts after top elevation 793 meters, the relative lev.....MORE>>
     8000 years ago PeiLiGang culture period, the first to enter a region with original xinzheng mostly agricultural clan society, is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization. 5000 years ago in middle-late yangshao culture, have to bear country for xinzheng, is yellow emperor race times, is China's ancient civilization, the core area of the form. 4700 years ago, longshan culture, in the middle of the kingdom's xinzheng for zhurong. Xia and shang period, for XiaDou, shangdu xinzheng both capital city. The western zhou dynasty, xinzheng Kuai countries for; For ZhengGuo spring and autumn and the warring states period for South Korea, zheng Korea in the central plains GuDou for major political, military, economic and cultural center, is the biggest industrial and commercial will be in the central plains. South Korea, put zheng county, in Korea for all. The six ....MORE>>
The mineral resources 】 in xinz
heng city is abundant mineral reso
urces, now find all kinds of minerals have 12, properties and place. The fixed mineral in sedimentary mineral is given priority to, including coal, limestone, red clay, silica, silica, etc and part of the deposition, metam
orphic minerals: iron ore, phosphate rock, dolomite, buildin ....MORE>>
It is a new area in the central city, wh
ich will become a strategic highlight of the future development.It is 30 kilometers away from Zhengzhou. Bei
jing-Guangzhou Railway lies in the east, Zhengzhou-Xinzheng Highway in the west, the Site of the Zheng and Han States Capital in the south, main channel of the South-to-North water Transfer Project in the.....MORE>>
In recent years, we adhere to the scie
ntific development view as the over, according to "the whole party to deal with the economic and national catch pioneering, and key project, the efforts and the environment, the guarantee of party to the requirements of", as a wh
ole advance new industrialization, urb
anization and agricultural moderniza
tion, construct the ha ....MORE>>
The yellow emperor hometown 】 national key cultural relic preservation organ, the national 4 A level scenic spot. The scenic area located at xinzheng city yuan road, built in the han dynasty, the Ming dynasty celebrated four years (1570) repair, in XuanYuanQiao built before the shrine, the qing emperor kangxi 54 years (1715), XuChaoZhu county magistrate in xinzheng temple stood before "hometown of yuan" tablet. To promote Chinese traditional culture, in the government at a higher level and at home and abroad with the support of Chinese descent, we in xinzheng city develop culture industry, to build brand yellow emperor, the hometown of yellow emperor had an extension on reform. The scenic area more than 70000 square meters....MORE>>
In xinzheng city national economic and social development in 2010 statistical bulletin.2010 is the "eleventh five-year plan of the last year, the municipal party committee and the city government in the party committee, the government's correct leadership, guided by the scientific development concept, to unite and lead the people's......MORE>> In recent years, to advance new urba
nization leads "three" harmonious development, and around on a xinzh
eng city "not to sacrifice of the agri
cultural and food, ecological and the cost of the environment of the new type industrialization and urbanization, the new new agricultural modernization coordinate road of scientific development" ....MORE>>
During " the eleventh five years plan " period, the urban and rural residents income of Xinzheng city will continue to increase, and the people's life level will have an ever-increasing improvememt.The 2005 is expected to see 8,800 yuan ( RMB ) in per capita disposable income of the urban and rural residents, 4,800 yuan ( RMB ) in per capita netf .....MORE>>
Xinzheng date area is the state quality inspection administration established as the national agriculture standardized demonstration area, the state named "high-quality jujube base" and China economic forest products of "red jujube town. Xinzheng red jujube in henan province from agricultural products is exported, in July 2002 was national green food development center identified as the green food, red jujube nectar from the xinzheng has won the first China agricultural expo honey highest award, ulan bator is an international exposition of the award."A solar eclipse sa jujube, beauty was not old". This sentence is widely spread as god the proverb says the xinzheng red jujube nutritional value. New ZhengGong ZaoPi thin, meat thick, sweet, flavour sma....MORE>>
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